My WOrld

This spinning world pendant is a perfect representation of life's special people and moments. As the world spins, it reminds us that life is constantly moving and changing. The diamonds that adorn the pendant represent the precious moments that we hold dear to our hearts.

Who orbits your World?

Whether it's a special someone that we cherish or a moment that we never want to forget, this pendant serves as a beautiful reminder. It's a symbol of the life we live and the memories we create along the way.

Designing jewellery for important life events is a true honor. The feeling of being able to craft a piece that will be cherished for years to come is simply indescribable


Anniversary suprise

6 grandchildren orbit this Grandmothers world. All represented in their own Saphhire and double sided



"IO made an elegant and timeless eternity band for my partner to celebrate the birth of our son"


"I wanted a ring to remind me of m​y nan. The ring Isabelle made is th​e perfect balance of classic an​d modern​.​"


"It's been an exciting journey ​having Isabelle make a bangle to ​repr​esent my 3 children.